School-Based Services

United Citizens Foundation provides mental and behavioral health services and substance use counseling to the students and their families in the Clark County School District. Our services can be accessed by students experiencing a crisis or any students undergoing any mental or behavioral stressors such as suicidal ideation, behavioral issues, parent/child conflict, bullying, or any negative feeling or emotion.


Our goal is to reach as many students as possible and assist with any issues, stressors, or anxieties, and provide them with positive influence and guidance from a trained and caring adult.

Our objective is to provide mental and behavioral health services to all Clark County School District students, and to one day be available onsite at every CCSD campus. As our organization grows we continue to develop new programs to serve the community. UCF is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, 100% of all donations directly support our programs. We strive to make a difference and to serve our community one child and family at a time.

UCF has been a game changer for our community by providing social-emotional services; they have changed the course for so many of our student's lives. 


UCF has made it possible for our students to overcome unsurmountable obstacles and change the course of their life; they now succeed because of UCF. 


Ramona Esparza

Principal, Valley High School

The immediate impact that UCF has had on our students can be seen in both their home and school life.  Students are being provided with tools that help them develop healthy problem solving skills and coping strategies that can be applied directly throughout all areas of their lives. 


By receiving mental health services at a crucial age of development, UCF is changing the paths for these children.


Miadora Nelson

Assistant Principal, Hollingsworth STEAM Academy